Ivory Wedding Gift

Ivory Wedding Gifts are the 14th Anniversary Wedding Theme

 The traditional 14th anniversary gift is ivory, ofcourse that is not an ethical gift and in many cased there is an Ivory Ban regarding the trade and sale. 

I created this wine to a wine that gave those who opend it a tool to reflect, pause and enjoy eachothers company. If you are celebrating You 14th anniversary this is the best Weddinge present to give. 

Many gifts resembe Ivory, (as does this one, however the image on the bottle is an actual carving givent to me…

Representing Faith, Fortune, and Prosperarity, Ivory was given to celebrate loyality.  I hope if you are landing on this page that you find this gift worthy of enjouing for every celebration!

~Cheers, Dan Ceresia
The Little Wine Guy- Owner

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