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“With good food, good wine, and good company, you have the components for unforgettable conversation. This is what bridges communication gaps and brings people together.”  -Dan Ceresia

In 2011 while working as a sommelier and wine buyer, I found myself being a single father to two beautiful girls. After I’d obtained full custody of them, with my three years of experience in the industry, I sold everything I owned, packed our lives into a car, and set forth to start a new journey for us in Napa.

My daughters and I have always enjoyed really long dinners. These dinners have been an important pillar in our connection to each other. I love wine for the same reason, because it slows down time and serves as a non-verbal communication device. The culture of consumption around wine forces the individual to take pause, enjoy the experience, and perpetuate long term memories.

At the heart, my goal is to craft, create, and develop a family heritage brand. We’re hoping that what has been a binding component to our family’s culture will also contribute to your family’s culture as well. Our wine blends are designed for thoughtful consideration, to sit and think, and share conversation. As we build our timeline, I hope to invite you to join us on our journey.


Dan Ceresia

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